Take a break with Dynamic Positioning System

The range of unique functions for Volvo Penta IPS is growing steadily. The new Dynamic Positioning System is yet another important aid for simple maneuvering and stress-free docking.
When the Dynamic Positioning System is activated, the boat maintains its current course and position. In other words, the boat remains stationary in the water and only moves within a very limited area. A perfect function when the driver has to wait for a slot at the filling station, wait for the locks or a bridge to open. When docking, the Dynamic Positioning System gives the crew time to prepare fenders and lines.

The Dynamic Positioning System is controlled by special software integrated with Volvo Penta’s electronic platform, EVC. A special antenna with double GPS receivers supplies the system with exact information on the boat’s position. With the help of this information, the software controls engine revs, shift positions and the pods. The Dynamic Positioning System is activated by pressing a button on the joystick. Another important component is the new 7” color display where the driver can see the current status of the system.

Since the engines are running and the propellers are turning, the boat should be regarded as being under way. The driver must not leave the helm station and nobody may be in the water close to the boat.

The Dynamic Positioning System is available as an option for Volvo Penta IPS diesel models beginning in late 2010.  Initial availability in some geographical areas may be limited.  See your boat selling dealer for more information
Low-speed mode
Yet another new feature of Volvo Penta IPS is the Low-speed mode. It is a slip clutch that halves the boat’s speed when idling from about six knots to three knots. This function is fully integrated in the standard controls, the driver does not need any extra controls or buttons to be able to drive the boat at a very low speed. Low-speed mode is standard in IPS800 and IPS900 and optional for all other diesel models from the model year 2010.

Volvo Penta IPS Dynamic Positioning System, overview
Volvo Penta IPS Dynamic Positioning System

EVC is Volvo Penta’s electronic platform. EVC connects the engine, transmission, instruments and accessories in one and the same system. The result is high reliability, simple updates and access to smart accessories.

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