Joystick also for Volvo Penta’s sterndrives

Three years ago, Volvo Penta introduced the pleasure boat industry’s first joystick, which, coupled to Volvo Penta’s IPS system, made docking simpler and safer. This year, Volvo Penta is introducing joystick also for sterndrives.

Even the most experienced boat owner may sometimes feel uncomfortable when docking his boat in congested harbors and in stressful situations.

For boats fitted with Volvo Penta’s revolutionary IPS system, Volvo Penta solved the problem back in 2006 with its ingenious IPS Joystick – an innovation that was an immediate hit with boat owners. Today, more than 95 percent of the IPS boats are fitted with a joystick.

This year, Volvo Penta is broadening its range of joystick still further by launching a joystick for boats with twin sterndrives.

The new sterndrive joystick builds on the well-proven drive concept and individually steerable drives. The joystick is suitable for diesel and gasoline engines with DPH or DPS sterndrives. The joystick utilizes engine power to move the boat. No bow thrusters are needed.

Just like Volvo Penta IPS, it is possible to have up to four joysticks on board. They can be installed in the normal helm stations or in a stand-alone docking station for the easiest possible docking, for example, on the aft deck.

Electronic steering
As in the case of Volvo Penta IPS, the joystick function for sterndrive enables electronically controlled individual steering of the drives. This electronic steering cannot be retrofitted – it is only available as a factory twin-engine installation option.

Electronic steering also gives the boat owner a number of other advantages: the drive automatically returns to the center position when the engine is turned off, steering is precise, and with perfect response.

Together with the electronic controls for shift and throttle, this means that no additional control cables or hydraulic lines are necessary. An autopilot can also be connected and because it is integrated directly with the electronic steering, no extra servo or maintenance is necessary. Autopilots for Volvo Penta’s electronic steering are available from several leading manufacturers.

Simplest possible maneuvering
Anyone who has not had the opportunity to try out maneuvering with a joystick will find it difficult to imagine how simple it really is. The driver just pushes the joystick in the direction he or she wants the boat move. Twist the knob and the boat spins on its own axis. Press the button for higher power output for extra power in strong currents or windy conditions. In contrast to bow and stern thrusters, the joystick can be used continuously as long as there is fuel in the tanks. And no extra banks of batteries are necessary.

Joystich sterndrive, overview
Joystick strerndrive, joystick


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