The new D13-900 - Volvo Penta’s most powerful ever

For almost a decade, the Volvo Penta D12 has been the leading engine for motor yachts in the 50-foot class. Volvo Penta is now introducing its new, more powerful, more fuel-efficient and cleaner successor: the Volvo Penta D13.

With its 900 horsepower, it is Volvo Penta’s most powerful engine so far for leisure boats.

A characteristic of Volvo Penta’s inboard diesels is their high torque from low rpm. A crucial property for rapid and safe acceleration.

The new D13-900 is equipped with new dual-stage turbo technology. The first stage is a twin entry turbo with pulse charging – the power in each exhaust pulse is used to provide pulse pressure – which results in a very high torque from low rpm.  At higher rpm, a second turbo kicks in so that the engine retains its power even at high rpm.

The D13-900 reaches its maximum torque of 3300 Nm at only 1300 rpm/min – a uniquely high torque for this class of engine. The engine also retains a very high torque throughout its speed range, an important factor when the boat is heavily loaded.

Low fuel consumption, minimum emissions
Highly efficient combustion is a prerequisite of low fuel consumption and low emissions. EMS 2, the engine control system developed by Volvo Penta, regulates fuel injection 100 times per second, twice as often as the previous version. The system controls the unit injectors, one per cylinder, which operate at a pressure of as much as 2000 bar and atomize the fuel for optimum combustion.

The result of this efficient combustion is lower fuel consumption – 10 percent lower for the D13 than the D12 at the same power output.

Exhaust emissions are also lower than ever before. Acceleration smoke levels at all rpm are well below the visible level. Total emissions satisfy by a wide margin the EU RCD and US EPA Tier 2 regulations and are also in line with the very stringent EPA Tier 3 regulations that will come into force in 2012.

Quick shift and low speed
The D13 is available with “Quick Shift” reverse gears – an advanced technology that provides very fast but soft shifting with a minimum delay. The reverse gear also comes with a low-speed function as standard, which means that the speed when idling drops from about six knots to three knots. A very important aid when maneuvering or fishing.

Electronically integrated
The new D13 is equipped with EVC, Volvo Penta’s electronic platform, which includes electronic shift and throttle all the way from the controls to the engine and drive. EVC also makes it simple to install additional accessories and functions such as a trip computer, engine data in the chart plotter via NMEA or the new 7” color display.

With EVC, it is possible to have instrumentation, or complete helm stations, in up to four locations on board.

Technical data
Model designation:           D13-900

Configuration:                 In-line 6-cylinder diesel with dual-stage turbo, twin charge air coolers and electronically controlled unit injectors

Cylinder volume:              12.78 liters

Max. torque:                    3300 Nm (2438 lbf.ft) at 1300 rpm

Max. power:                    900 hp (662 kW) at 2300 rpm 

Emissions:                       Satisfies EU RCD and US EPA Tier 2. 
                                      Prepared for EPA Tier 3 to be introduced in 2012.



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