EVC – more onboard functionality

Smart accessories that make boating simpler and more environmentally friendly. Plug-in installation of instruments, active monitoring and troubleshooting, engine data in the chart plotter and the ability to upgrade the boat’s functions at a later date. These are some of the options with Volvo Penta’s electronic platform, EVC.

Volvo Penta EVC (Electronic Vessel Control) is a CAN-bus based network that integrates the engine, transmission and controls with instruments and displays as well as smart functions – e.g. a trip computer and joystick maneuvering.

New functions in five minutes
It takes only five minutes to install trip computer functions in a boat equipped with Volvo Penta EVC. The dealer just connects a special tool and downloads the appropriate software. And updating the engine’s control system or other functions on board is just as simple.

“EVC enables the boat owner to update his boat and his engine installation in a completely new way compared with earlier. When new functions become available, for example, the automatic powertrim assistant, they can easily be installed in the EVC system. The boat feels like it has been upgraded and equipped with the latest technology – and the owner gets more out of it,” says Anders Hård at Volvo Penta.

Auto industry shows the way
Today, boats from about 25 feet and up are highly advanced products. Large amounts of equipment from many different manufacturers must function together – and this sometimes causes problems.

“These days, if you buy a new car you don’t install loose accessories – even the radio is integrated in a CAN-bus network. As a result, the customer gets superior reliability and only needs to go to one place for service. It’s the same thing with Volvo Penta EVC and everything that is integrated in this system,” says Anders Hård.

Volvo Penta now offers the boat owner different types of accessory packages according to the same model that is common in the auto industry today.

 “The boat owner wants to have a function, for example, easier docking. And the dealer wants to be able to sell this function, install it easily and then trust that it really functions as promised. For this year, we have introduced a number of packages for our different engine alternatives that make it simpler for the boat owner to choose,” says Anders Hård.

EVC overview


EVC is Volvo Penta’s electronic platform. EVC connects the engine, transmission, instruments and accessories in one and the same system. The result is high reliability, simple updates and access to smart accessories.

For further information, please contact Ann-Charlotte Emegård, AB Volvo Penta,
phone: +46 (0) 31 3234219, E-mail: ann-charlotte.emegard@volvo.com