New function in Dynafleet – automatic downloading of driver times

Volvo Trucks’ web-based system for transport information, Dynafleet, is now being expanded with yet another function designed to make life easier for drivers and haulage companies alike. Tachograph Download ensures that all information from the digital tachograph is automatically transferred via the Internet to the transport manager.

“With Tachograph Download the haulage firm always has access to up-to-date information about driver times and the way the truck is being driven,” says Pascal Claes, product manager of Dynafleet at Volvo Trucks. “All information is continuously saved and then stored for a predetermined period of time on the haulage firm’s private space on the Dynafleet server. This reduces the need for administration and makes it easier to meet legislative requirements.”

Automatic and safe handling
Data transfer takes place entirely without any manual input. All the driver needs to do is to insert his regular driver’s card into the digital tachograph. The haulage firm decides how often it wants the data to be transmitted from the truck to the office. In order for the haulage firm to access the information, it needs a card reader and a card with a code that is linked to the company. This prevents unauthorised access to the data. Since Dynafleet has been designed from the ground up as a pan-European system, all the relevant communication costs are included in the subscription fee. This differentiates Tachograph Download from many other systems on the market.
“Tachograph Download is yet another reason for choosing Dynafleet, since the customer gets an integrated system that has better control and makes it easier to run a cost-effective operation,” adds Pascal Claes.

Tachograph Download is intended for the latest generation digital tachographs that support remote downloading. For older digital tachographs, Volvo Trucks offers Driver Data Upload. Here too, data transmission from the truck to the office is entirely wireless, but the driver is required to transfer the card from the tachograph to the truck’s Dynafleet unit.

Facts about Dynafleet
Dynafleet is Volvo’s system for transport information and a tool that assists and improves efficiency in planning and carrying out transport assignments. Dynafleet is available in three different packages: Perform, Perform & Locate and Operate. Tachograph Download is available with all three packages. Information transfer always takes place automatically, but Operate customers can also initiate Tachograph Download manually if they want.

Volvo was the first truck manufacturer in Europe to launch an in-house developed system for transport information, back in 1994. Since then, more than 40,000 units have been sold.
December 7, 2009

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