WirelessCar supports Volvo Construction Equipment to expand CareTrack

Volvo Construction Equipment goes standard fit with CareTrack with the backend system being supplied by WirelessCar. CareTrack will be available standard from January 2010 on all larger machines, along with a 36 month no charge activation.

 This system will allow for remote monitoring and asset management throughout Europe, North America, Oceania and various countries in Africa and the Middle East, a truly global service.

The 36 month, no charge activation is designed to provide customer benefits through a secure and instantaneous online connection that reports machine availability and constant knowledge of a broad range of machine activities. Being able to remotely monitor a machine carries a high business value by ensuring that machines are being maximized for work and performing in the best possible manner.

“Since its launch, CareTrack has provided a very robust feature set and work continues to bring additional value to the end user. In our partnership with Volvo Construction Equipment, we strive to bring the best solution, both technically and functionally, to the users no matter what remote part of the world they may be” says Martin Rosell, Managing Director of WirelessCar.

This state of the art system combines unparalleled technology to ensure that services are available no matter how remote a machine may be. Both GPRS technology as well as satellite connectivity are utilizes to ensure that every machine can be communicated with via a simple Internet connection

WirelessCar has been working with Volvo Construction Equipment in their development of CareTrack since 2004 with operations beginning in 2006.

Martin Rosell  
Managing Director  
Phone: +46 31 651 910  
E-mail: martin.rosell@wirelesscar.com 

Anders Ludvigsson
Product Manager
Phone: +46 31 65 1 916
E-mail: anders.ludvigsson@wirelesscar.com