Volvo Aero Norway signs a new agreement with Pratt & Whitney on continued supply of shafts for aero-engines and gas turbines

After a long period of negotiation, Volvo Aero Norge (VAN) recently signed a ten-year contract for continued production and deliveries of jet engine shafts to Pratt & Whitney. The contract also covers supply of the shaft for the Pratt & Whitney F135 engine for the production phase of the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) programme.

The value of the contract is at least 51 MUSD. The total value depends on how many shafts are finally delivered. The number will be decided by the general level of air traffic and the market situation, but for the F135 shaft alone it may total between 800 and 1400, with opportunities for many more in the event of a later extension of the existing agreement. VAN is the principal supplier of the shaft for one of the engine variants with which the JSF can be equipped, and both the choice of engine and number of aircraft will therefore affect the total number VAN is to supply. The engine programme is expected to last until about 2040.

Pratt & Whitney is one of the company’s major customers. Over many years of cooperation, VAN’s quality products have acquired a good reputation in the market, and the company has additionally made a name for itself as a reliable and competitive supplier.

"We are very pleased with this agreement, which confirms our position as a shaft supplier and long-term partner for Pratt & Whitney," says Odd Tore Kurverud, CEO of Volvo Aero Norge.

VAN’s deliveries to Pratt & Whitney comprise several variants of shafts, for both aero-engines and gas turbines for industrial use. Deliveries of shafts for the F16 engine are also included in the agreement. VAN has already supplied shafts for the whole development programme for the new F135 engine to be installed on the JSF.

For VAN, this long-term contract means that work in the shaft workshop is safeguarded for the future, and with further involvement in the JSF in mind it also provides a firm foundation for increased activity.