Annual General Meeting of AB Volvo

AB Volvo’s Annual General Meeting will take place on Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 3.00 PM CET at Lisebergshallen in Göteborg.

Shareholders who wish to attend must submit notice of intention to participate in the Meeting either by telephone +46 31 66 00 00, or at the Volvo Group’s website, or in writing to AB Volvo, Juridik, SE-405 08 Göteborg no later than March 26, 2009.

AB Volvo will not arrange any press conference in connection with the Meeting, but members of the Board of Directors of AB Volvo will be available to answer questions from the media after the Meeting. There will be a press room nearby the Meeting hall.
Mass media that wish to participate in the Meeting, please contact Media Relations, AB Volvo, at +46 31 66 11 27 or +46 31 66 13 73.

Enclosed is the invitation to the Annual General Meeting.


AB Volvo

February 27, 2009