Volvo Construction Equipment Launches Third Model in the Company’s Short Swing Excavator Class

Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) has introduced the Volvo ECR305CL, short swing radius excavator to the North America market, the third of its class within the last 12 months. The new product range was developed by Volvo to fill a rapidly growing need for short swing excavators on congested worksites and in confined areas. The first two models in the new series, the Volvo ECR145CL and Volvo ECR235CL, were delivered to the market in early 2008.
Volvo ECR305CL Crawler Excavator

The new 34.8 ton Volvo ECR305CL overcomes the dynamic challenges of producing excavators that work with high performance capabilities and exceptional stability in confined areas.  Precisely-engineered weight distribution and increased swing torque also gives the new machine superior swing performance when working on slopes.

Whether operating in cities, laying utilities, mining duties, highway work, in addition to a multitude of other diverse applications, the increased safety and maneuverability offered by short swing excavators on congested worksites has seen the rapid growth of this important segment in the market.

Like the smaller machines in the range, the compact body on the Volvo ECR305CL swings only fractionally outside its own track width – less than 80 mm (with 800mm shoe)  – enabling it to work extremely close to objects (walls, road barriers etc.) without risk of collision with the rear of the machine as it swings. Safety on a job site can never be underestimated and this is particularly important to Volvo where safety is one of the company’s core values.

Even when not working close to obstructions, the short front/rear radius has other uses – highway work being a prime example, where the machine can safely swing within a typical single road lane width, minimizing disruption with traffic flow.

The all-new, rounded cab on Volvo’s short swing models is also designed to stay within the rear swing radius. Despite this design consideration, it remains the roomiest and most comfortable cab in the market – as befits Volvo’s reputation for providing superior operator environments. The sliding door provides the operator with the ability to access and exit the cab even when it is positioned close to an obstruction, such as close to a wall. Whilst at work, the industry-leading heating and ventilation system ensures the perfect working environment, irrespective of weather conditions.

The new cab features, as on all other C-Series excavator models, a larger, brighter, color LCD monitor, providing both a built-in service display and selectable hydraulic control options. This monitor can also be used with an optional, rear view camera, further increasing machine operating safety.

Despite its compact design, the Volvo ECR305CL is both easy to service and maintain. All check and cleaning points are readily accessible; many of them available via a wide opening side door. The optional CareTrack GPS system conducts a self diagnostic routine, alerting the operator – or the fleet manager back at the office – should a fault be detected. Enabling preventive maintenance operations to be carried out, CareTrack helps to optimize machine uptime and, consequently, return on the customer’s investment.

With its latest generation, Tier III, fuel-efficient, Volvo engine with V-ACT ((Volvo Advanced Combustion Technology) developing 107 hp (143 kW), the Volvo ECR305CL has the power to perform any task thrown at it, with plenty in reserve. The bucket range on the Volvo ECR305CL is from 1.0 – 2.1 m3 (24 inch bucket available) and a wide range of genuine Volvo attachments is also available, as are quick fit options to ensure speedy attachment changes, for maximum machine versatility.

Fitted with a heavier counterweight, the Volvo EC305CL offers excellent stability, providing it with its heavy lift capability.

Designed and built around customer feedback and customer expectations, the Volvo ECR305CL, like its smaller sister models, is destined to be a big winner with customers.

Volvo ECR305CL specifications at a glance:


Volvo ECR305CL






Rated output at

r/s (r/min)


     ISO 9249/SAE J1349, net

kw (hp)

143 (107) 

Gross (SAE J1995)

kw (hp)

153 (114) 

Track length (with 800mm shoe) 



Track gauge



Bucket capacity


1.0 ~ 2.1

Lifting capacity



    along undercarriage



    at reach/ height



Breakout force, SAE

(Normal / Boost)


181 / 198 

Max. digging reach



Max. digging depth



Operating weight