New Dynafleet gives transport buyers better control over their cargo

Where is the cargo and when is it expected to arrive? Now transport buyers no longer have to call the haulage firm every time these questions arise. Instead, they can obtain detailed information about their cargo on the Internet at any time. This is one of several new functions in the latest version of Volvo Trucks’ transport information system, Dynafleet, which is being launched today.

With the Customer Online Tracking function, the transport buyer can log on to Dynafleet Online 24 hours a day to find out when the cargo was loaded, the truck’s exact current location – all the way down to street level – and its estimated arrival time. There is also less pressure on the dispatcher since customers require less information over the phone.

“This allows our customers to improve their own customer service while streamlining their administration,” says Johan Rundberg, integration manager for Dynafleet.

Simpler navigation
Now it is also simpler for the dispatcher to quickly give the driver an exact delivery address. By clicking on the map in Dynafleet Online, the dispatcher can send an order that automatically includes the coordinates for the delivery address. If the truck has a navigation system, the driver only needs to verify the order with a single click to receive navigation assistance all the way to the destination.

“It’s simple and very efficient. The transport office always has full control over where the truck is located. The driver doesn’t need to stop to enter the route manually, and the risk of misunderstandings is minimised,” says Johan Rundberg.

Customers appreciate maps
Dynafleet’s map service is highly appreciated by customers.

“Our most recent customer survey with more than 1,300 respondents shows that the map is the most important and most highly appreciated tool in Dynafleet. With the new functions, we will increase the level of user-friendliness still further.”

Free upgrade
Customers who already have Dynafleet will automatically get the new functions at no extra cost.

Dynafleet in Russian
Together with the new functions, Dynafleet is also being introduced in Russian. Dynafleet is now available in 17 languages.

Facts about Dynafleet
Dynafleet is Volvo’s transport information system. It is a tool that aids and streamlines planning and execution of transport assignments. Dynafleet is available in three packages: Perform, Perform & Locate and Operate. The new functions are included in the Perform & Locate and Operate packages. For a complete order overview in Customer Online Tracking, Dynafleet must be integrated with the haulage firm’s order system. In order for the dispatcher to be able to send an order to the driver that automatically includes the coordinates for the delivery address, the truck must be equipped with a Garmin navigation system.
Volvo was the first truck manufacturer in Europe to launch a transport information system developed in-house, back in 1994. Since then, more than 40,000 units have been sold.