Productive news in Volvo’s chassis range

Better load distribution, better get-you-there ability and better comfort. That is what Volvo Trucks is offering customers with its newly expanded range of air-suspended bogie variants and front axles for tippers, mixers and tankers, among other applications.

“The trend is towards increasingly heavy loads, at the same time as demands on efficiency and comfort are increasing,” says Martin Palming, product manager for chassis development at Volvo Trucks. “By expanding the chassis range for the Volvo FH and Volvo FM, we are meeting our customers’ requirements and giving them greater scope for a solution that is optimised for productive operations.”

Good weight distribution and better get-you-there ability
Among the new features is a Volvo 8x4 Tridem, a factory-fitted three-axle bogie with air suspension and a steered tag axle. With three axles and a short rear overhang, the load can be distributed for optimal efficiency. The result is good stability and excellent grip even in difficult road conditions. A steered tag axle in combination with a short wheelbase also means the truck is particularly easy to manoeuvre.
“With a wheelbase of 3.7 metres and a steered tag axle, the turning radius for a truck with a 32 tonne gross weight is no more than just 5.3 metres,” says Martin Palming.
Whenever necessary, the tag axle can be raised to reduce friction with the road surface. This also reduces tyre wear and fuel consumption.

For gross weights of up to 42.5 tonnes
The Volvo Tridem 8x4 is ideal for tippers and mixers, as well as for tankers, bulk carriers and container transport with bogie loads of up to 33.5 tonnes and gross weights of up to 42.5 tonnes.

Air suspension on more axles
Volvo Trucks is also introducing several new two-axle air-suspended bogie variants for bogie loads of 20.5, 23 and 26 tonnes. This corresponds to an increase of between 1.5 and 5 tonnes compared with the previous truck generation. The front axle range has been expanded, with front axle loads of up to 8.5 and 9 tonnes for air-suspended and leaf-sprung axles respectively.