Communication award to Volvo Group

Volvo Group and our CEO Leif Johansson have been presented with the Excellence Communication Award in recognition of “Volvo Group’s consistent work to develop communicative leadership as a strategic tool.”
image text: Communication Award to Volvo Group

“I am very proud to accept this award on behalf of all leaders inside the Volvo Group,” says Leif Johansson. “Presenting the Volvo Group with this award turns the spotlight on all leaders who create an active and lively dialogue with their colleagues.”

Meg Tivéus, who chaired the jury of the Swedish Public Relations Association, presented the Excellence Communication Award to CEO Leif Johansson during a brief ceremony at the Volvo Group Headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden, on 17 March.

The excellence award recognizes that by systematically measuring, following-up and providing coaching “Volvo Group has increased the communicative leadership among middle managers in a way that impacts performance.” The jury acknowledges that Volvo Group’s “Communicative Leadership Index (CLI) has set the standard for many other companies and organizations.”

The Communicative Leadership Index consists of twelve questions selected from Volvo Group Attitude Survey. These questions have the highest correlation to communication, leadership and ability to set goals. Every leader receives a personal report that identifies strengths and areas for improvements.

“The active dialogue with your team is crucial for building employee engagement, business understanding and commitment to our shared values. This enables our organization to deal with change and challenges,” says Leif Johansson in a congratulatory letter to all managers inside the Volvo Group.

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