Volvo Group turn off the lights

On Saturday 28 March at 8:30 p.m., Volvo Group companies will turn off the lights for an hour. Along with other companies and millions of people worldwide, we will support the World Wildlife Fund’s request to turn off the lights as a global statement of concern over climate change.

The Volvo Group is highly committed to the environment, and has been conducting strong environmental initiatives throughout its organisation for many years. The company has substantially reduced its energy consumption and CO2 emissions. In production, for instance, energy consumption has been cut by a total of approximately 40% over the past five years, in relation to the Group’s net sales.

The World Wildlife Fund's initiative is aimed at increasing awareness of climate problems and sending out a strong message before the UN Climate Meeting in Copenhagen in December.

“We sympathise with the WWF’s initiative, which we see as a powerful symbolic action. It’s also entirely in line with the company’s existing environmental efforts,” says Jan-Eric Sundgren, responsible for environmental and social responsibility issues in Volvo’s group management.

Various actions are being taken throughout the Group to support the WWF’s initiative. For example, Volvo CE will switch off its façade lighting in Eskilstuna. Volvo Trucks will turn off its outdoor lighting, lighting masts and Volvo signs at the Lundby premises in Göteborg, and is advising all its production facilities worldwide to switch off their lights as far as possible.

As an employee, we ask you to turn off lamps, computers and other unnecessary lighting when you finish work, just as usual. And if you want, turn off your lights at home for an hour as well.