Volvo Penta Introduces OceanX™

Volvo Penta introduces OceanX™, a new sterndrive with revolutionary new coating and sensor technology that greatly improves the corrosion resistance of the aluminum drives.

(CHESAPEAKE, VA)  May  13, 2009—

This exciting new drive offers technological innovations for increased performance, environmental care, safety and easy maintenance.  OceanX is designed for select Volvo Penta gasoline and diesel engines.

Corrosion Resistance Technology with Sensor Protection
The OceanX uses state-of-the art electro-deposit to apply a titanium-ceramic coating that greatly improves the corrosion resistance of the aluminum castings making it perfect for the salt water environment.  This highly durable and flexible coating covers the entire drive for maximum protection.  It is chromate free and environmentally friendly.  This new process allows Volvo Penta to continue to its commitment of care for the environment. 

“The very aggressive environmental tests we have been conducting on this new coating have provided outstanding results” explains John Marsh, Volvo OceanX project manager. “OceanX easily achieves the highest corrosion protection level over any available system.”

The OceanX drive also includes two new features never before incorporated on a sterndrive package.  A new sterndrive oil sensor warns the boater when drive oil is low or contaminated with water.   Another sensor mounts in the universal joint bellows between the OceanX drive and the boat transom.  This sensor sounds a warning if water has entered that critical area and may lead to failure.
“The combination of advanced titanium-ceramic drive treatment and added electronic sensors make OceanX the unquestionable leader in sterndrive technology.  Volvo Penta is committed to maintain the coveted consumer satisfaction award that we have earned over the past few years, and OceanX helps keep the momentum.” noted Phil Gaynor, Director of Sales, Marketing and Applications for Volvo Penta of the Americas.

Engine options for the new OceanX drive

Gasoline engines:
• 5.0 GXi
• 5.7 Gi-300
• 5.7 Gxi
• 8.1 GI
• 8.1 GXi

Diesel engines:
• D3-130*
• D3-160*
• D3-190*

*  Not available with the Water-in-Bellows or Water-in-Drive sensors.