Joint project on climate neutral freight transportation saved 120,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide

The results of the joint project KNEG is presented today at the Logistics & Transport fair in Göteborg, Sweden. During 2008 the KNEG members managed to reduce CO2 emissions by 120,000 tonnes. At the fair, KNEG will welcome new members and present their initiatives to cut the climate impact from goods transports. Fuel-efficient transportation and vehicles, smarter logistic solutions and renewable fuels are central themes.

The KNEG collaboration for climate neutral freight transportation was started in late 2006 by its founders Preem, Schenker, Volvo Trucks, the Swedish National Road Administration and the Centre for Environment and Sustainability (GMV) at Chalmers University of Technology and Göteborg University. With its substantial reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, KNEG is one step closer to its target of halving climate impact from road haulage by 2020.
“Now the results are starting to show, and they make a difference. The more effective and creative we are, the faster and more substantial improvements we can achieve," comments Lars Mårtensson, chairman of KNEG and Environmental Director of Volvo Trucks.

Concrete projects
GMV has developed indicators (iKNEG) for measuring and monitoring initiatives for climate neutral freight transportations. These measurements show that the collective volume of CO2 emissions from KNEG’s members decreased by 120,000 tonnes in 2008. This equals the annual emissions from roughly 2,300 heavy trucks.
The reduction was distributed over the following activities in 2008:

- 70,500 tonnes from use of more fuel efficient trucks
- 36,000 tonnes from low blending of bio diesel into fossil diesel
- 13,400 tonnes from training in eco driving

Growing collaboration
Thanks to these positive effects, KNEG’s initiatives and work methods have also become known outside Sweden. KNEG currently has 15 members.

New members, such as ICA and Lantmännen, will attend the fair in Göteborg and will be welcomed to KNEG by chairman Lars Mårtensson and Swedish Infrastructure Minister Åsa Torstensson. KNEG’s chairman will present Torstensson with the first KNEG report, which conveys the results of the project and the plan for halving C02 emissions.
In September 2009, KNEG will participate at the Nordic Climate Solutions Conference in Copenhagen.

May 18, 2009

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