Volvo ramps up production at new Mexican backhoe facility

After a successful small scale pilot, production of BL60 and BL70 backhoe loaders has been substantially increased at Volvo Construction Equipment’s new manufacturing facilities in Tultitlan, Mexico,

Following an initial start-up phase, production of the BL60 and BL70 center mounted backhoe loaders at Volvo Construction Equipment’s modern plant in Mexico is now in full operation.  The facility, located 25 miles north of Mexico City and shared with sister company Volvo Bus, is equipped to meet the growing demand in the North American and Latin American markets for backhoe loaders. These markets were previously supplied from Volvo’s Polish factory in Wroclaw, but the move to Mexico not only significantly reduces delivery lead times, it also allows the requirements of these markets to be more efficiently met.

In addition to reduced delivery times and shipping costs, the move of production to Mexico also offers other benefits, such as a more streamlined supply chain, close proximity to major shipping routes and reduced production costs. The growing economies of Latin American countries and the expected upturn in the North American market were also important factors in the decision to launch production in Mexico.

BL60 and BL70 loaders
The Volvo center-mount backhoe loaders are fitted with Volvo’s D5D Tier 3 fuel-efficient, high-performance engines with high torque and powerful breakout capabilities.  The Volvo BL70 (90 hp) has a dig depth of 4.54 m (14 ft 9 in.), an operating weight of 7,824 kg (17,248 lbs), a bucket capacity of 1 m3(1.3 yd3), a loader lift capacity of 3,154 kg (6,953 lbs), and a breakout force of 5,654 kg (12,445 lbs).  The Volvo BL60 (83 hp) has a dig depth of 4.52 m (14 ft 5 in), an operating weight of 7,338 kg (16,178 lbs), a bucket capacity of 0.76 m3 (1 yd3), a loader lift capacity of 2,477 kg (5,460 lbs), and a breakout force of 5,139 kg (11,330 lbs). Both models can be equipped with a variety of attachments for specific job applications and have standard Volvo hydrostatic steering and load-sensing hydraulic systems.