Volvo IT is a popular employer

Volvo IT is the number-one choice among IT consulting companies in the industrial sector when IT professionals working in Sweden rank their favourite workplaces. This is the result of Karriärbarometern (Career Barometer), a survey that is conducted every year by the research and consulting company Universum Communications.

This is the fourth year in succession that Volvo IT has been chosen as the most popular workplace in this specific category. On the complete list of more than 150 conceivable workplaces for IT professionals, Volvo IT came eleventh. The five most popular workplaces were Google, Apple, Microsoft, IKEA and Ericsson.  
Karriärbarometern was conducted between June and September. Some 1,400 people with a college or university education in IT and a maximum of eight years’ working life experience took part in the survey.

“I believe that our popularity is due to the fact that we largely base our strategy on the belief that our employees are our only asset. What’s more, we have moved from local working methods to become an exciting, global workplace that imposes rigorous demands on soft factors such as behaviour, motivation and values,” says Helena Zackrisson, Vice President Human Resources at Volvo IT.