Renault Trucks demonstrates fuel savings

Following its success in France, the Renault Trucks Optifuel Tour is now taking to the roads of Europe. The method – meeting customers and presenting the fuel-saving Optifuel solutions – has been a success.
The Renault Optifuel Tour is designed to demonstrate the fuel savings that are possible as a result of the Optifuel solutions. In 2009, the tour travelled round France and, as a result of the positive reception from customers, it is now being extended to include visits to a number of other European countries.
“The tour is one way of getting close to our customers and presenting our fuel-saving Optifuel solutions. At the same time, it enables us to create even closer ties with our dealer network. We have received a fantastic response from our customers,” says Jean-Pascal Vielfaure, Renault Trucks’ marketing director for the European division.

Harald Schultze is driver training manager at the Ars Altmann goods transport company in Germany. With 109 trucks in its fleet, fuel costs are a large expense and, when the company understood what the Renault Trucks offer entailed, these costs were reduced.
“In the space of one year, our fuel costs have been cut by EUR 300,000,” he says.

Driver Martin Beck’s original scepticism about the programme has changed to enthusiasm.

“During the driver training, I received a great deal of new technical information about the truck and first and foremost how I could improve my driving style. I am currently saving about two litres of fuel for every 100 kilometres I drive,” he says.

The complete Optifuel package consists of a truck with all the top class technology for fuel savings: a new engine, with increased torque and green area, which complies with the requirements in the Euro 5 emission standard; the robotized gearbox Optidriver+, and last but not least the Optifuel Infomax software that enables customers to collect data on the way the fuel consumption of vehicles is impacted by driving styles and assignments.

The technology is supplemented with a training programme, where Renault Trucks’ experts give customers further training in driving in a fuel-efficient way. On the Club Optifuel Programme website on the internet, customers can collect ongoing information and obtain advice. Since 2008, more than 250 customers have purchased the Optifuel package and in excess of 11,000 drivers have completed the driver training.

According to Jean-Pascal Vielfaure, customers who use the Optifuel package can reduce their fuel consumption for a complete fleet by 10 per cent in the short term. The Optifuel Infomax software maintains the savings in the longer term.

“This is an investment that quickly pays for itself as far as customers are concerned. For a fleet of ten trucks, the investment corresponds to the fuel savings for the first three months,” he says.

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