Volvo Penta IPS1050 commercial introduction for multi- purpose wind power support

Performer will soon be delivered to Northern Offshore Services in Sweden and will go straight into duty in an offshore wind power park south of Denmark. Performer lives up to her name by providing full service speed with a full load and in rough seas, thanks to twin Volvo Penta IPS1050 pods.

“Supply boats for wind farms are a fast-growing business. With the new IPS1050 we have a full range of complete pod systems perfectly suited for these boats. The benefits are numerous, with lower fuel consumption, full service speed with full load and great maneuverability,” says Anders Alvhede at Volvo Penta.

Multi-functional catamaran
Performer is multi-functional and perfectly fitted for serving offshore wind farms. She is able to carry diving equipment, decompression chambers and other equipment. Performer can make transfers of 12 passengers and carry out diving and survey duties. She is equipped with a fixed 142 kVA generator below deck to supply electrical power during the building phase of the wind towers. She also has bunker tanks to supply diesel fuel.

Built by South Boats in the UK, Performer is an aluminum-hull catamaran. Such vessels are usually powered by water jet or variable pitch propellers, but this time owner Northern Offshore Services chose Volvo Penta IPS pods instead.

“We already have boats with smaller versions of Volvo Penta IPS and they have given us very good service. The main reasons for us specifying Volvo Penta IPS is because we get no reduction of service speed with a fully loaded boat,” explains director Martin Landström.

Low on fuel and emissions
Compared to other propulsion systems, Volvo Penta IPS offers lower fuel consumption. Exhaust emissions are also lower, partly because of the D13 engines with their very low emissions, but mostly due to the fact that as much as one third less fuel is required.
Useful functions
Volvo Penta IPS offers joystick docking, a useful function in low-speed maneuvering.
“The joystick is very practical since the helmsman does not have to be built like a spider to handle wheel and controls, but can command the boat with one hand and concentrate on what happens around the boat,” says Martin Landström.

Another feature is the Dynamic Positioning System, which holds the boat more or less still in the water. This feature is often used while waiting on site for the next service job.

Easy installation and fast service
“All propulsion systems need service sooner or later. With Volvo Penta IPS, service and repairs have been very quick, because the parts are standard off-the-shelf, delivered to us very quickly,” says Martin Landström.

Equally easy is installing Volvo Penta IPS. Delivered as a complete system, from helm to props, and with no shaft alignment etc, installation time is usually greatly reduced.


Owner: Northern Offshore Services, Sweden
Built: 2010, South Boats Special Projects Ltd. Isle of Wight, UK
Main engines: 2 X Volvo Penta IPS1050 Power: 588/800 kW/HP
Hull: Aluminum
Displacement (light ship): 25.0 t
Length o. a. : 16.0 m
Width: 6.3 m
Draught (base to DWL): 1.70 m
Bunker capacity, diesel oil: 6000 liters
Complement total: 12 pax + 3 crew
Range: 600 Nm
Speed unloaded max/service: 26/22 knots



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