Volvo Penta range of 110 hp to 435 hp SOLAS engines

Volvo Penta is presenting a comprehensive range of SOLAS approved engines (M.E.D. and US Coast Guard) for fast life- and rescue boats. The range comprises three base engines, with no less than 14 output options from 110 to 435 hp, all of which are in-line diesels with common rail and the latest in electronic management for sterndrive, inboard and water jet propulsion.

The SOLAS range consists of the D3, D4 and D6 engines, all featuring the very latest in technology with common rail, 4-valves per cylinder and supercharging with aftercooler. The SOLAS engines are based on standard engine design with a SOLAS kit mounted and tested in factory before delivery to boat builders. The kit includes a shut off valve for crank case ventilation and a tilt switch, to be mounted on the engine room bulkhead.

The range
The new D3 is the smallest in the range with an in-line 5-cylinder arrangement, 2.4 liter displacement and very low weight – only 260 kg bobtail. It is also equipped with a variable diameter turbo that gives the engine massive torque throughout the speed range.

D4 is the in-line 4-cylinder model with a full 3.7 liter displacement. This large swept volume provides the basis for solid performance, further enhanced by turbo and – on the high power model – also mechanical compressor.

D6 is the in-line 6-cylinder version of the D4, with all the same features in a larger size and 5.5 liter displacement.

All engines are low emission, complying with IMO, EU RCD and US EPA tier 2 regulations (R5 and/or R4).

Over the years, Volvo Penta has delivered well over one thousand SOLAS approved engines in various rescue, MOB and lifeboat applications, as well as engines to Navy and Coast Guard RIBs. All these installations require the added safety and functionality of SOLAS approved engines.

SOLAS approved models by M.E.D and USCG

D3-110 R5: 81 kW, 110 hp at 3000 rpm
D3-150 R5: 110 kW, 150 hp at 3000 rpm
D3-170 R5: 125 kW, 170 hp at 4000 rpm
D3-200 R5: 147 kW, 200 hp at 4000 rpm
D3-220 R5: 162 kW, 220 hp at 4000 rpm
D4-180 R4: 132 kW, 180 hp at 2800 rpm
D4-225 R4: 165 kW, 225 hp at 3500 rpm
D4-260 R4: 191 kW, 260 hp at 3500 rpm
D6-280 R4: 206 kW, 280 hp at 3500 rpm
D6-310 R4: 228 kW, 310 hp at 3500 rpm
D6-330 R4: 243 kW, 330 hp at 3500 rpm
D6-370 R5: 272 kW, 370 hp at 3500 rpm
D6-435 R5: 320 kW, 435 hp at 3500 rpm



D3-220 SOLAS>>

D3-220 SOLAS>>