Top ranking in CSR survey

The Volvo Group has gained top ranking in a survey on responsible business practices conducted by Sweden’s largest institutional investors. The survey studied the 100 largest corporations listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange (OMX).

The Volvo Group was the only corporation to gain top ranking in all four categories studied.
“This proves the success of CSR efforts,” says Malin Ripa, head of Corporate Social Responsibility, AB Volvo.

The survey was conducted as part of Sustainable Value Creation (Hållbart Värdeskapande), a joint initiative by Sweden’s largest institutional investors, including Första AP-fonden and SPP. The aim of the initiative is to influence Swedish listed companies to develop sustainability. To achieve a better basis for investment decisions and activities, the group conducted a questionnaire among the 100 corporations with the highest stock market value on the Stockholm Stock Exchange (OMX), including the Volvo Group.

The questionnaire, distributed in September 2009, included questions concerning human rights guidelines, anti-corruption measures, business ethics and health and safety. It covered four main categories: guidelines and commitments, implementation and compliance, communication and reporting and the Board's responsibilities. The response rate for the questionnaire was 84%. The Volvo Group was the only corporation with top ranking in all four categories.

“This is a result of the Group’s efforts and investments in CSR. It should provide inspiration for future sustainability work,” comments Malin Ripa.

Allan Emanuelsson, project leader for Sustainable Value Creation, finds the survey extremely important.

“It is valuable for us as investors, and will provide a basis for future investment decisions,” he says.

Collectively, the group behind Sustainable Value Creation represents managed capital of SEK 4,000 billion, including SEK 550 billion invested in the Swedish stock market. This is equivalent to 20% of the capital on the Stockholm Stock Exchange (OMX).

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