Volvo Construction Equipment motor graders move more dirt in less time

Adopting a ‘clean sheet’ approach, Volvo Construction Equipment — with extensive customer involvement — has designed and tested its seven-model Volvo G900 family of motor graders, engineered to meet the needs and demands of the industry.

It takes a confident company to design a whole new family of products from scratch when its existing range is regarded by many as a market leader. But that is exactly what Volvo Construction Equipment has done with its new Volvo G900-Series motor graders.  Built on two distinct but integrated platforms, there are seven models, including two all-wheel-drive machines. All motor graders in the Volvo G900-Series have Tier 3-certified engines and are designed to combine the attributes of productivity, operator friendliness, reliability and ease of service into a quality package.

The seven models of the range are the Volvo G930 (34,830 lb), Volvo G940 (36,150 lb), Volvo G946
(38,140 lb), Volvo G960 (38,690 lb), Volvo G970 (41,660 lb), Volvo G976 (43,650 lb) and the Volvo G990 (48,720 lb). The first four models were engineered with the 7.2-liter Volvo D7E engine. The larger three use the 9.4-liter Volvo D9B engine. Each Volvo motor grader features Tier 3-certified Volvo engines utilizing Volvo Advanced Combustion Technology (V-ACT). These engines run cleanly without the extra service requirements of additional equipment or after-treatment of exhaust gases. Volvo engines were identified as being ideal for these applications, as they produce high torque at low engine speeds, delivering responsiveness and fuel efficiency.  

Volvo listened to customer feedback
Through extensive operator input, Volvo has integrated into the design the requirements of motor grader customers and users worldwide. The Volvo G900-Series motor graders combine the technological strength of the Volvo Group with familiar Volvo attributes starting with a superior operator environment. All seven models have three power ranges, depending upon the transmission gear selected, as standard equipment. This feature works to optimize engine performance and enhance overall fuel efficiency by matching engine power to the application.

Wide-stance blade-lift cylinders coupled with the low-angle side-shift cylinder provide the most stable grading platform in the industry. Proportional Demand Flow (PDF) intelligent load-sensing hydraulics and a powerful twin-gear, direct-drive circle-turn system result in a precise, instantly responsive earthmoving tool. It also provides high strength to hold or turn the moldboard smoothly while moving under full load. This accuracy of control and performance results in more one-pass finishes, which contributes significantly to productivity and cost savings.

Built-in productivity
The power and precision of motor graders lie in their ability to translate engine power into useable traction and control. And the transmission is central to this. The Volvo G900-Series motor graders use the Volvo-designed HTE840 transmission, which has selectable Manual, Autoshift (optional) and Travel modes. With Autoshift, the operator selects the target gear and the transmission shifts automatically through turns and grades as needed. Its innovative shuttle-shift feature aids quick, simple duty cycles by allowing shuttling between selected forward and reverse gears in a single smooth motion without clutching or pausing, for easy effortless control and, best of all, less operator fatigue at the end of the day.

Autoshift comes standard on the Volvo exclusive HTE1160 transmission — the industry’s first 11-speed motor grader drive train. With 11 forward and six reverse speeds, the optional HTE1160 transmission allows more control at low speeds, more efficient travel at high speeds and more precision in the normal working speeds. Such control also pays dividends when it comes to fuel economy as the engine can be operated at its most economical rpm speed, smoothly and efficiently.

Lifelong reliability
The robotically welded frame helps ensure structural rigidity while the full-perimeter rear-frame design protects the power train from load stresses created by side and rear attachments, such as rippers, scarifiers or plows. The structural design of the grader is focused on placing its power and weight to maximize blade-down force and drawbar pull rates. At the rear, Volvo APR70 and APR90 planetary reduction axles reduce loading on tandem chains and deliver both power and traction to the ground efficiently. To match grader performance with tractive conditions, an operator can lock or unlock the rear axle differential with a simple on-off switch. The front axle has a high-center ground clearance, a sharp steering angle and a minimum of components to minimize maintenance. In fact, there is no daily greasing or weekly servicing required with a Volvo G900-Series motor grader, as the standard oil change interval is 500 hours. Even fueling is easy, with ground-level access.  Sight glasses and level sensors take care of the rest. The now familiar Contronics electronic monitoring system has been expanded in the Volvo G900-Series motor grader with more grader functions being analyzed.

All-purpose all-wheel drive
The two all-wheel-drive (AWD) models in the range offer three distinct features in their drive systems. The powerful six-wheel drive combines with an efficient four-wheel tandem drive and the exclusive front-wheel creep mode, which is ideal for precise fine-grade applications. The operator has 16 selectable levels of aggression to match AWD performance to the task at hand for ultimate control. Whether it is the versatile Volvo G946 or the industry’s largest all-wheel-drive grader — the Volvo G976 —  Volvo AWD models really are motor graders for all occasions.

A great place to go to work
The operator environment of the Volvo G900-Series motor grader meets the demands of safety, comfort and productivity that has become a signature of the Volvo Construction Equipment product lineup. ROPS / FOPS certified, the Volvo cabs’ familiar styling features expansive glass areas providing exceptional ground-up visibility from the forward, rear and downward views. The operator is aided by six optimally placed interior and exterior mirrors, which together give a commanding view around the machine. Open the cab door, and the steps and handholds are illuminated automatically for safer entry and exit. Extensive noise and vibration suppression is designed into the cab to maximize operator productivity. The cabin is pressurized and two large-capacity filters maintain a constant flow of clean air from 10 well-placed outlets. All essential operator controls are mounted on a slide and tilt adjustable center pedestal. Low-effort pedals and short-throw levers help reduce operator fatigue. And all are within easy reach. There are even coat hooks and storage areas.  As well, mounting brackets are provided so that communications equipment can easily be installed. Quite simply, the Volvo G900-Series cab is a great place to spend the working day!

With the support of the worldwide Volvo CE dealer network, the new Volvo G900 family of Volvo motor graders sets a new standard in grading performance and productivity.