Volvo PF6160 and PF6170 wheel-mounted pavers are built for maximum productivity and uptime

Volvo integrates steadfast design of Blaw-Knox with the latest technology for its PF6000-Series of asphalt pavers.

The Volvo PF6160 and PF6170 wheel-mounted pavers are part of the PF6000-Series highway-class asphalt paver line that utilizes global technology to provide solutions that increase paving performance and provides maximum uptime for the machine.

Both the PF6160 and PF6170 are powered by a 205-horsepower Tier 3-certified Cummins engine. A patented level-load suspension design uses the two drive wheels and the center of the bogie hydraulic system. This provides consistent and even ground contact for stability. Both the PF6160 and the PF6170 come standard with the two-wheel front-wheel assist; however, the PF6170 can be configured with an optional four-wheel front-wheel assist for all-wheel-drive capability. The torque is adjusted based on the hopper load, optimizing the machine’s traction.

Material management
A number of features on these pavers provide contractors with more options in material flow. The auger system is independent of the conveyor system with each of the two auger and conveyor drives using sonic sensors for more precise handling of material. The conveyor system has chains that are automatically tensioned for proper performance and less downtime. The conveyor chain cover cleans itself, providing easier maintenance. Reversible augers and conveyors are optional equipment.

A hopper capacity of 14.38 tons (13.04 metric tons) gives each paver a practical production rate of
820 tons (744 metric tons) per hour. Standard on all PF6000-Series pavers are hopper locks that keep hopper wings secure during transport.

Operator controls
The PF6160 and PF6170 feature dual control stations, which can pivot at two points for comfort, and each seat may be extended beyond the edge of the machine for improved visibility. An open deck space improves mobility for the operator and increases visibility, and secure handrails provide added safety. The operator panel keeps all controls, gauges and warning lights at the fingertips of the operator, with the ability for the panel to tilt or swivel to fit the comfort of the operator.

Your choice of screed
The Volvo PF6160 and PF6170 can fit the Omni 318, Omni 1000 or Ultimat 200 screeds, allowing the flexibility to build a paver to fit the needs of the application. Both pavers have a screed width of 10 feet (3 m) and a maximum paving width of 26 feet (8 m). PF6000-Series pavers have a 30-kilowatt generator providing plenty of power to the screeds.