The new Volvo Penta D3 – also for sailboats

The new Volvo Penta D3 is filled with the most advanced engine technology available on the market today. This ultramodern diesel engine is now being launched in two versions, 110 and 150 horsepower – both offering cleaner, quieter and more comfortable engine operation for sailboat owners.

Since 2003, a special version of the D3 inboard engine has been available for sailboats and displacement and semi-planing power boats. Volvo Penta is now launching a completely new engine for these types of boats.

The new D3 is based on a newly developed 2.4 liter, 5-cylinder aluminum engine block with advanced technology that sets a completely new standard in the boating industry when it comes to performance, the environment and comfort.

Common rail with a pressure of 1,800 bar and piezoelectric injectors provide multiple injections per working cycle and thus even more precisely fuel quantities. Advanced and highly efficient cross-flow cooling maintains an even engine temperature.

A variable geometry turbocharger gives the engine effective supercharging from even very low rpm up to maximum rpm. This results in a powerful torque for maneuvering and ample power for a high cruising speed.

Electronic shift and throttle
The standard version of the new D3 is equipped with Volvo Penta’s electronic platform EVC and includes electronic shift and throttle all the way from the controls to the engine and drive. For the boat owner, this means softer, more exact and safer driving and no need for later adjustments.

Because electronic cables do not conduct vibrations, onboard comfort also increases.

EVC also makes it simple to install additional accessories and functions such as low-speed mode, a trip computer, engine data in the chart plotter via NMEA or the new 7” color display.

With EVC, it is possible to have instrumentation, or complete helm stations, in up to four locations on board.

Clean, quiet and vibration free
The new D3 is even cleaner than its predecessor. Emissions are in line with the very stringent for US EPA Tier 3 regulations, which will come into force in 2012. 

The engine runs smoothly and rpm at cruising speed is a modest 2,000/2,500 rpm, an important factor when it comes to a high comfort level. The new D3 also has the same type of highly effective vibration-damping engine mountings as the larger D4 and D6, which increases onboard comfort still further.

The common rail system and in particular multi fuel injection contribute to a low noise level. The new and modernly designed engine cover helps to reduce the sound still further. 

Technical data

Model designation:           D3-110                  D3-150 

Configuration:                 In-line 5-cylinder diesel with common rail variable geometry turbo

Cylinder volume:             2.4 liters

Weight:                           260 kg

Max. power hp/rpm:        110/3000               150/3000

Emissions:                       Satisfies EU RCD and US EPA Tier 2. 
                                      Prepared for EPA Tier 3 to be introduced in 2012.

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January 8, 2010

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