More onboard functionality with smart accessories

With Volvo Penta’s IPS system, the customer has access to several smart accessories that makes boating simpler and more environmentally friendly.

Volvo Penta’s electronic platform, EVC (Electronic Vessel Control) is a CAN-bus based network that integrates the engine, transmission and controls with instruments and displays as well as smart functions on board the boat – e.g. a trip computer and joystick maneuvering.

With the help of the electronic platform, Volvo Penta can offer boat owners different types of accessory packages that simplify life on board.

One of these accessories is the fantastic joystick, which has become one of the most appreciated products in the boating world in recent years. The joystick is a dream for every boat owner who worries about docking the boat in congested harbors. With the help of the joystick, maneuvering the boat could not be simpler – even in situations that would otherwise be considered stressful. It is possible to install up to four joysticks on board, which makes maneuvering the boat even simpler.

The next success accessory from Volvo Penta is the Dynamic Positioning System, which helps the driver to maintain the boat’s position by just pressing a button. A very practical function when the driver has to wait for a space at the filling station or for a bridge to open. The Dynamic Positioning System is controlled by special software integrated in Volvo Penta’s electronic platform. An antenna with twin GPS receivers supplies the system with exact information on the boat’s position and with the help of this information the software controls engine revs, shift positions and the drive units. 

Volvo Penta’s new 7” color display is a true information center for the boat. The display can show engine data from up to three engines, trip computer information and information from different sensors, e.g. rudder angle, water temperature and freshwater tank. The display also has a video input. The boat owner can install a camera in the engine room, in the stern or anywhere else on the boat. Intuitive navigation and the “My View” function make it much simpler to enter one’s own settings.

Sport fish mode. Volvo Penta IPS has individually steerable drive units that are operated electrically. In “Sport fish mode”, the drive units are directed outward to the very maximum. When the driver operates one engine forward and the other in reverse, the torque is many times as great as when the propellers face backwards. The driver can maneuver and turn a boat of more than 40 feet and 10 tons as if it were a small dinghy.  

Low-speed mode is a slip clutch that halves the boat’s speed when idling from about six knots to three knots. This function is fully integrated in the standard controls; the driver does not need any extra controls or buttons to be able to drive the boat at a very low speed. Low-speed mode is standard in the larger versions of the IPS program.

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January 8, 2010

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