Cruise control

Together with the new series of controls, Volvo Penta is now introducing cruise control for all engines with EVC.

Cruise control on a boat might seem superfluous, but there are some great benefits with this Volvo Penta option: all engines are automatically synchronized to run and hold the same rpm. The driver can then change the chosen rpm in small increments with a +/- button on the front of the new control. In practice, this means very relaxed and safe driving with the hand rested on the control and fingertip command of engine speed with the button.

The function is equally useful at low and high speeds. While driving where there is a speed limit, adjusting to the exact limit is now much easier. And at high speed, the driver can find the most relaxing rpm and fine-tune for the best fuel economy, checked on the Volvo Penta trip computer.

Cruise control is available as an option for all Volvo Penta model year 2011 diesel and gasoline engines with EVC.


For further information, please contact Ann-Charlotte Emegård, AB Volvo Penta,
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