Volvo Penta IPS: Taking the lead in sportfishing

Volvo Penta IPS for offshore sportfishing is a brilliant example of the company’s ability to adapt to customer requirements. Developed together with leading sportfishers, IPS now offers three specific sportfishing functions, making it perfect for big game fishing.

Sportfish mode
This function is unique to Volvo Penta IPS, developed at the request of fishermen who want to be able to follow and chase down a billfish, with the stern facing the fish. Crucial here is the ability of the boat to turn rapidly, so that the stern always faces the fish.
The Volvo Penta solution is Sportfish mode. When activated, the pods lock toe-out. The driver then controls the boat using only gear/throttle levers. With the pods toe-out, the turning power is many times greater and more responsive than with standard inboard shafts. Even a large sportfishing yacht becomes very agile and can be driven at high speed in reverse, turning on its own axis.

Clear wake exhaust system
This function clears up water aft of the boat from exhaust bubbles when trolling, making it easier for the fish to see the bait.

The driver just pushes a button and the exhausts that are normally released through the pods are bypassed and exited above the waterline to the side of the boat. This prevents clouding of the water behind the boat. (Available for IPS800-IPS1200.)

Single-lever mode
Sportfishing boats are almost exclusively equipped with Palm Beach-style control levers, mounted on each side of the steering column. Very useful when maneuvering using engines, but not so practical in regular driving. The single-lever mode lets the driver control shift and throttle for all engines using only one lever, leaving one hand free for the steering wheel. Engine rpm is automatically synced, which minimizes any vibrations and noise.

Dynamic Positioning System
Although not primarily a sportfishing feature, it may be used as such. The Dynamic Positioning System uses twin GPS high-precision receivers and the steerable pods to keep the boat’s heading and position as still as possible, usually within a very limited area. This function is especially for bottom-fishing over a wreck, where dropping an anchor is not an option.


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