Want to Rent a Skid Steer? There’s an iPhone App for that!

Volvo Rents is getting in on the iPhone App craze. The worldwide provider of small-to-medium sized construction equipment is taking the construction equipment industry to a new level of ease and accessibility with its new iPhone Application.

“As the pace of business continues to accelerate, the ability for organizations to mobilize the workforce has become critical for success,” said Nick Mavrick, Vice President of Marketing for Volvo Rents. “The launch of our free iPhone application is an exciting development, as we upgrade the way we connect with the world.”

“The application is designed to provide easily accessible information to our customers, our franchisees, approved vendors and salespeople,” said Patrick Farley, who managed the development project for the iPhone application.

By clicking on the app, Volvo Rents customers have access to important rental equipment information including equipment make, model number and equipment specification information hard-coded within the application. For example, customers can access detailed rental product information on over 100 aerial work platforms and reach forklifts items.

Franchise owners can login and access data straight out of their Rental Management System. The iPhone app eliminates the need for Volvo Rents employees in the field to carry a laptop, a data card and a pile of product brochures. “Our goal was to remove the barriers between Volvo Rents employees and the real-time data they require,” added Farley. “With this new technology, we have achieved our goal, at the same time substantially reducing costs for all parties involved.” 

A range of other features include a GPS Store Finder which allows iPhone users to find their five closest Volvo Rents stores using GPS technology, as well as downloadable equipment brochures and an integrated RSS Feed that highlights relevant industry news.

“There’s an iPhone application for pretty much anything these days. From checking the weather to playing games, getting deals on food and drink to checking your flight status,” Mavrick added. “Now, also the construction industry lives in the palm of your hand.”

The application is available for download in Apple’s “iTunes App Store.”

For further information, please visit www.volvorents.com or www.volvorentsconstructionequipment.com