Volvo Trucks releases a new version of the Volvo FM

The strong position of the Volvo FM within the regional distribution segment is further strengthened with the release of a new version of this well-proven truck.

Strong, modern and efficient
The most obvious change is the new exterior design that features a new grill, headlights and air-intake, for example, all clearly inspired by the Volvo FH. Simply put, this truck is built to look like a leader – strong, modern and efficient. New features, such as anti-slip steps, and interior trim enhancements further refine the truck’s top-class comfort and safety, giving a sense that it is a continuously evolving leader and top-of-the-line distribution truck.

“It’s a ‘complete’ truck in every sense of the word,” says Claes Nilsson, President Europe Division at Volvo Trucks. “With the updated Volvo FM, we want to further strengthen this truck’s contribution to the segment and reinforce its position as the best truck for regional transport in its class. So much is already built into the Volvo FM in terms of comfort, safety and fuel efficiency, so it was more a matter of further fine-tuning, based on feedback we have received from customers.”

Complements recent FM news
The new release complements previous Volvo FM innovations, including the recently updated I-Shift gearbox and Volvo’s recently introduced new engine range that offers more power from less fuel. According to Volvo, the 13-litre engine in combination with Volvo I-Shift reduces fuel consumption by up to three percent compared to the earlier version, while offering power output of up to 500 hp and torque peaks at 2500 Nm. The 11-litre engine gives customers high load capacity, while offering high performance and impressive fuel efficiency. Both the D13 and D11 engines are also available in variants tailored for the EEV (Enhanced Environmentally friendly Vehicle) norm.

New cab packages offer tailored comfort and economy
The new version of the Volvo FM also gives customers more choices. For example, Volvo is introducing a full range of cab packages, from premium to basic. “The new cab packages give customers more choices and opportunities to optimise the truck to specific needs in terms of driver comfort and economy, for more productive and profitable operations,” says Claes Nilsson.

Summary of the new features on the Volvo FM

Both the upper and lower parts of the front are inspired by the form and lines of the Volvo FH series, gently modified to suit the shorter front of the FM.

The Volvo FM now features the updated and improved headlights that were recently introduced on the FH model. The headlamps are divided into 2 separate units; the spot and fog lamp is a separate unit positioned below the headlight. The headlamp lens is made of plastic instead of glass to make it more resistant to stone chipping.

Lower headlamp unit
Foglights and auxiliary lights or alternatively cornering lights are integrated. The Static Corner Light can be used to illuminate a wider area of the road in the direction the turn.

New turn indicator
The new turning indicator uses modern LED technology for improved function and a longer service lifetime.

Working lights
Different levels of working/reverse lights are available as an option as well as preparations to secure short leadtimes and quality when mounted after delivery.

Air intake
The new air intake provides the engine with cleaner air. Its position gives improved visibility of the rear when reversing. It is now available on all cab versions, including the Day cab.

ACC sensor installation
The adaption for the ACC sensor installation in the lower grill has been modified for improved functionality.

Front footsteps
The front footsteps for cleaning the windshield have been redesigned, while also incorporating the earlier foldable extension concept. The improved anti-slip function is integrated with the steel structure.

Volvo iron mark
The Volvo iron mark is larger, making a proud and bold statement.

Fuel tanks
New larger steel fuel tanks are introduced as an option that offer almost the same ground clearance as current tanks.

New colours for upholstery and drapes in the cab, matching the standard FH range.

Interior accessories
Three new interior accessories contribute to improved driver comfort:

  • a table with dedicated space for cups and pens, including a spacious storage place inside the table. 
  • a practical storage box with two sections for storage of e.g. helmet, thermos, writing pad and gloves. 
  • a paper holder in water resistant fabric. To be fitted on the clothes hanger at an angle behind the driver seat.


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March 15, 2010

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