Renault Trucks totally replace a UK haulier’s previous fleet

The UK haulage company PCL Transport has just taken delivery of 70 Renault Premium Long Distance vehicles, totally replacing its previous fleet which was entirely made up of trucks from a competitor of the Volvo Group.

PCL has put its trust in Renault Trucks, one of the five truck brands within the Volvo Group, due to the overall perceived quality of the Premium Long Distance, its comfort, handling and low consumption. The vehicles concerned are Premium Long Distance, all fitted with the robotised Optidriver+ gearbox.

When the time came to replace its fleet of vehicles supplied by a competitor of the Volvo Group, the UK firm PCL Transport opted for Renault Trucks and its Premium Long Distance. Martin Pearson, PCL Transport's operations manager, explains how he was impressed by the vehicle's ‘overall perceived value’, its ‘spacious and comfortable’ cab and the Optidriver+ gearbox which provides ‘a more comfortable driving experience that also reduces vehicle downtime’. Finally, consumption was also a key factor, since it became immediately apparent that the new vehicles consume significantly less fuel than those previously in service.

PCL Transport is a UK haulage company specialised in refrigerated transport. It employs more than 300 people and delivers to more than 5,200 customers each week. It carries all kinds of specially packaged foodstuffs from dairy products to green salads.

The UK is, after France, one of the largest potential markets for Renault Trucks in Europe.