Volvo Penta India secures large order for D12MH engines

Volvo Penta India has secured an order for 40 no's of D12MH-350 from Sesa Goa for powering their iron ore barges which will ply in Mandovi & Zuari Rivers in Goa, on west coast of India. Volvo Penta is the first imported engine manufacturer in India to offer IRS (India Register of Shipping) approved engines.

Sesa Goa is India’s largest producer and exporter of iron ore in the private sector. As a first phase of their fleet expansion plan Sesa Goa will induct 20 barges powered by Volvo Penta 2 x D12MH-350 engines.

The IRS inspected engines will be delivered from Oct 2010 to March 2011. Volvo Penta is the first imported engine manufacturer in India to offer IRS approved engines. Sesa Goa themselves will build 3 barges and the balance will be built by Waterways shipyard, Goa and Vinayaga shipyard, Mumbai.

The order was won against stiff competition from local engine manufacturer. The facts and figures of D12MH engines operating currently in Goa for similar barge application were the key factor for considering Volvo Penta power. Positive feed back from the current barge owners on “fuel savings” & “no trip loss” further strengthened Sesa Goa’s decision in favour of Volvo Penta.

Volvo Penta India adopted YDO (Yard, Designer, Owner) & TCO (Total Cost of Operation) concept in this process, which finally proved to be a good tool for securing this order.
“It will be a great challenge for us to support a corporate fleet owner like Sesa Goa, but we are committed to set a bench mark in the Indian marine industry” says Mr. Prabhakaran,  Head of
Volvo Penta operations in India.

About Sesa Goa
Sesa Goa started in 1954, is one of India's largest producers and exporter of iron ore in the private sector and is on course to be in the league of top four iron ore producing companies in the world. Apart from Iron ore it also produces pig iron and metallurgical coke. Sesa Goa was acquired by Vedanta Resources Plc. in 2008. Sesa Goa places a strong emphasis on Health, Safety & Environment ("HSE").

Sesa Goa is not new to the Volvo Group in India. They are already a key customer with large fleet of Volvo Articulated Haulers and construction equipments.

Brief facts
Fleet owner: Sesa Goa
Vessel:            Barge
Length:            80M
Beam:              15M
Draft:               4.5M
Displacement:  2600T
Speed:             10K
Exploitation:    2600hrs per year.
Engines:           2 x Volvo Penta D12MH-350HP @ 1800rpm.
Reverse Gear:  ZF W325 
For further information, please contact Gopalakrishna P.S. Volvo Penta India,
 phone: +91 80 6691 2109, E-mail:

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