Dynafleet becomes more flexible and easier to use

A new, more flexible and user-friendly version of Volvo Trucks’ web-based system for transport information, Dynafleet, is being launched today. “Now all our customers can tailor their own subscriptions to meet their needs by including different services,” says Per-Anders Grösfjeld, marketing manager for transport information systems at Volvo Trucks.

The new Dynafleet encompasses four packages: Fuel & Environment, Driver times, Positioning and Messaging.

Customers who want to use Dynafleet primarily as a tool for saving fuel and reducing their environmental impact will choose Fuel & Environment. Companies which need better control over driver times and the option of storing the data recorded by the tachograph will opt for Driver times. Positioning has been designed to provide location identification and route history, while Messaging is a service allowing text messages to be exchanged between the drivers and the central office. The various services are available separately or in any combination.

“This flexible structure means we can meet a wide range of different requirements with a service that is cost-effective for the customer,” explains Per-Anders Grösfjeld.

Better control of fuel consumption
At the same time, both the interface and the functionality have been further developed to make the system easier and more efficient to use.

“The aim is to give the user a better overview and to make information management both simpler and quicker,” says Per-Anders Grösfjeld. “For example, we have created a new report in which fuel and environmental data is presented in a colour-coded form. Green means that the result is positive and the truck is being driven in the correct way. If your results are red, it’s time to review your driving style or check whether the vehicle is due for a service.”

Many customers already use Dynafleet after giving their drivers training in fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly driving techniques. The new report, which is included in the Fuel & Environment option, makes it easier to analyse driver and vehicle data quickly in order to identify areas for improvement.

New maps with simpler route planning
Another example of increased user-friendliness is the new set of maps in Positioning. Google’s detailed and easy-to-use map system provides route descriptions, route planning, address data and traffic information. Driver and vehicle data can be presented directly in the map. This is both practical and time-saving if you need information about a particular delivery and, at the same time, want to monitor its progress visually.

Facts about Dynafleet
Dynafleet is Volvo Trucks’ web-based system for transport information which streamlines the planning and execution of transport assignments. The system shows the vehicle’s position and fuel consumption, messages, driver times, service intervals and much more.

Volvo was the first European truck manufacturer to launch its own system for transport information in 1994.

September 22, 2010

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