UD Trucks and Nissan Motor end collaboration on contract manufacturing of light-duty trucks

The collaboration between Volvo Group’s Japanese subsidiary UD Trucks and Nissan Motor on the contract manufacturing of light-duty trucks will expire and the production will end in January 2011. Nissan Motor will then move the production of light-duty trucks to Nissan Shatai, an affiliate company of Nissan Motor.

The decision enables UD Trucks to focus more on medium and heavy-duty trucks.
UD Trucks will continue to have its own manufacturing operation for light-duty trucks for the export market.

During 2009, UD Trucks produced 6,150 light-duty trucks within the collaboration framework and up until August this year, 4,800 vehicles had been produced and sold to Nissan Motor.

The end of contracting manufacturing of light-duty trucks for Nissan Motor will not result in any restructuring costs or have any significant impact on the Volvo Group’s earnings or financial position.

Around the world, round the clock, the Volvo Group’s products are busy keeping society running smoothly. With its heavy-duty trucks, UD Trucks has 80 per cent of the market for snow clearance in Japan. Go to Moving the world for more info about this.

September 24, 2010

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