Volvo Trucks inaugurates new Truck Center in Moscow

On August 26 Volvo Trucks inaugurated a new truck center in Moscow. The new center, Volvo Truck Center Moscow-South, is the fourth truck centre in Russia. Volvo Trucks Russia now has 46 workshops including the four truck centers, which is the widest and geographically most widespread service network in Russia - from Kaliningrad in the West to Vladivostok in the Far East.

With the inauguration of Volvo Truck Center Moscow-South, Volvo Trucks covers a strategical transportation route from Moscow to the south of Russia with its genuine aftermarket services and sales of new and used commercial trucks.

"The facilities that we operate in are part of the high quality of Volvo Trucks”, says Mikael Benzow, Director Commercial Aftermarket and Retail Development, Volvo Trucks Europe. “We have the best service network throughout Europe, and this new workshop is state of the art. We work hard every day to secure that the quality of our service is high and consistent in all of the facilities in Europe”.

Traditionally, all the participants at the inauguration had the chance to test drive Volvo trucks of the Kaluga factory origin in a specially designated test drive zone.

“We have built this service center with Volvo’s complete range of services in less than a year in accordance with the most up-to-date standards acquired by our company”, says Alexander Zoria, Director of the Volvo Truck Center Moscow-South. “Our task is to take maximum care of our customers trucks and to minimize the down time they spend in the repair area. I know that many of our customers were waiting for Volvo’s own truck center exactly in the south of Moscow where the busy highway M4 takes its start. And we did our best to set it in operation as fast as possible”.

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Information about Volvo Truck Center Moscow-South

  • The Volvo Truck Centers conception offers its customers an opportunity to receive full range of Volvo total transport solution, such as purchase of trucks, service maintenance, leasing, purchase of genuine spare parts, aftermarket services, all in one place.
  • The Volvo Truck Center Moscow-South was built in 8 months at the area of 3,2 ha in accordance with the Volvo’s most up-to-date standards. The project investments exceeded 450 mln rub (11 mln Euro).
  • The workshop area of the new Truck Centre is 1,630 sq.m. There are 20 stations, 18 of which are designated for diagnostics, repair and technical maintenance of trucks, and 2 for body repair. The mechanics receive genuine spare parts necessary for the repair from the warehouse adjoined to the workshop area. The warehouse is fully equipped with a full lineup of spare parts sufficient to perform current repair and maintenance of Volvo trucks. The supplies come from the Volvo Regional Warehouse situated in the Moscow Region.
  • The 29 meter car wash is equipped with multistage water treatment system. It permits to lower the clear water discharge and to take better advantage of the water recycling system.

Also, Volvo Truck Center Moscow-South is equipped with centralized oil dispensing system. It is connected by special buried pipeline with the waste oil tank situated on the outside of the workshop area building. The whole system fully complies with the Volvo’s ecological requirements for subterranean storage of waste oil and other technological liquids.

August 29, 2011

For further information, please contact:
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