Quality, Safety and Environmental Care – part of Volvo Construction Equipment’s DNA

Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) is dedicated to making sure that its machines and services coincide with three longstanding principles: Quality, Safety and Care for the Environment. To reinforce these concepts, Volvo CE has just launched three Core Values videos and updated online sections – which, Volvo CE President and CEO Pat Olney explains, will help the company communicate its message on core values even more resoundingly to customers.

Although the core values web sections have long existed on the Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) website, this most recent update gives them a new look and all-new information, including easy-to-understand videos depicting how these values come into play in Volvo’s everyday work, services and products. The pages demonstrate Volvo’s commitment to its core values, which have been central to the company’s ethos for a very long time.

“At Volvo Construction Equipment, we are justly proud of our longstanding commitment to these core values,” says Volvo CE President and CEO Pat Olney. “It’s very clear that everything we do – from research and development to sales and aftermarket support – is aimed at providing our customers with the best in quality, safety and environmental care.

“That’s why it  is so important that we communicate about our core values on the web – because it’s a clear, explicit and direct way of showing our customers that, throughout our almost two centuries as a company, being a leader in these areas has always been our goal. And it always will be.”

“Quality, safety and environmental care are all important criteria on their own, but it’s the three of them working in unison that make Volvo distinctive,” says Mats Deleryd, Vice President of Quality development and Core values management. “You can’t have one without the others.”

Quality: Volvo is committed to being number one in customer satisfaction by prioritizing reliability, focusing on customer needs, and paying attention to details. For instance, in 2010, Volvo CE began fitting most machines with our CareTrack telematics system as standard. The innovative CareTrack system helps owners increase machine productivity, fuel efficiency and security, and gives equipment managers more control over their fleets.


Safety: Volvo is seen as the industry leader in safe equipment and operating practices. But ‘safety is no accident’, and Volvo is constantly developing new methods of safe operation, as well as new technologies to improve machine safety. Manifestations of this commitment include the Volvo CareCab, an operator environment that leads the industry in safety and comfort, and the Full-Suspension system introduced in articulated haulers in 2007, which maximizes safe hauling speeds.
Volvo also promotes worksite safety with campaigns to encourage those working around heavy machinery to wear protective gear and high visibility clothing on job sites. In 2006 Volvo launched the ‘Safety for You’ campaign with the blue logoed hard hats, while 2010’s Operator Safety Vest campaign saw thousands of bright yellow safety jackets distributed to work sites around the world.


Environmental care: Volvo has ever since the launch of the first Volvo Environmental Policy in 1972 taken very seriously its commitment to caring for the environment! The global environmental footprint is continuously improved through the development of pioneering product improvements and services, but also by improvements within the industrial infrastructure. As an example, the energy consumption per unit produced in the Volvo CE production sites was reduced with 47% from 2004 to 2008 and the plan is a further 15% reduction by end of 2012.



November 2011

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