Volvo secures order for 463 buses in South America

Volvo Buses has secured an order for 463 bus chassis for Curitiba in Brazil and Quito in Ecuador. All of the buses are to be deployed in the efficient transportation solutions known as BRT systems.
Volvo secures order for 463 buses in South America

BRT, or Bus Rapid Transit, is one of the most cost-efficient public transport solutions. These transportation systems are based on such features as high passenger capacity buses, separate bus lanes and stops to allow passengers to quickly board and alight from buses.

Latin America has spearheaded the development of BRT systems, which are used in many cities in the region, although this type of efficient transportation system now exists in many locations throughout the world.

Volvo Buses is a market leader for the delivery of buses for BRT systems and this position is further strengthened by the company’s latest order for 463 bus chassis.

Curitiba in Brazil was the first city to introduce BRT systems and Volvo has been a leading supplier to the system since it was started. The new order is for 383 bus chassis encompassing a combination of chassis for bi-articulated buses, articulated buses and standard 12-meter buses. The customers, Pontual, Transbus and Pioneiro, are three of the consortiums that operate transportation services in Curitiba and its neighboring towns.

“This is one of the largest orders that we have received in Curitiba,” says Luis Carlos Pimenta, President of Volvo Buses Latin America.

The second order for a BRT system is for 80 articulated buses for Quito, the capital of Ecuador. The customer is EPMMOP, one of the operators of the south zone of Quito’s BRT systems.

“We secured this order due to Volvo’s reputation in the country as a manufacturer of high-quality, robust vehicles,” explains Luis Carlos Pimenta. “It was also due to the excellent technical support provided by our importer, Macasa, and Volvo’s broad experience of transportation in large cities located at high altitudes.”

All 463 chassis are to be manufactured at Volvo Buses’ plant in Curitiba commencing in January with deliveries scheduled during 2011.

February 1, 2011

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