Cooperative solutions for road safety, traffic efficiency and sustainable mobility

Cooperative solutions for road safety, traffic efficiency and sustainable mobility. See how the EU FP7 funded project PRE-DRIVE C2X supports drivers, for enhanced road safety, traffic efficiency and sustainability. This video is provided by Volvo Technology. (06:40 min)

In the video Volvo Technology presents demonstrated results from the Final event of the EU FP7-funded project PRE-DRIVE C2X. Overall, cooperative driving system technologies was developed and tested through seven different system enabled applications; Limited Access Warning, Approaching Emergency Vehicle, Car Breakdown Warning, Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory, In-Vehicle Signage, Road Works Warning, and Insurance Financial Services (not illustrated in movie). In the movie you will see the PRE-DRIVE C2X applications live, on the in-vehicle screen, supporting the driver on events in the surrounding traffic environment.

Niclas Nygren of Volvo Technology, Department Manager at Transport, Information & Communication, says:

“As a leading truck & bus manufacturer, the Volvo Group has a strong focus on active accident-prevention safety taking into account the entire complex traffic environment. The Cooperative ITS (Intelligent Transport Solutions) communication technology opens the door to an entirely new generation of such safety systems.

By participating in the PRE-DRIVE C2X project we are involved in laying the foundation for even higher safety, not just for the people driving our trucks and buses but for all road users in Europe. It is vital for the deployment of this technology that we join forces with the other vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and also the infrastructure stakeholders to secure a robust and interoperable communication standard”.

The PRE-DRIVE C2X project ended in the late fall of 2010. Now the Drive project continues with the development and field operational tests, which are expected to deliver more great results.

For more information contact: Corporate Communications at Volvo Technology Corporation