Volvo Trucks launches iPad magazine

Volvo Trucks is now launching a new magazine specially configured for iPad. “We are always on the lookout for new ways of reaching our target groups,” says Tommy Kohle, Senior Vice President Corporate Communications at Volvo Trucks.

Volvo Trucks Magazine features stories about life on the road, articles about technology and product development, and analyses of important issues facing the industry. Topics may include anything from how to minimise fuel consumption to how to increase safety belt use. In the first issue, we also meet two record-holders: the world’s fastest driver and record-holder for the Standing Kilometre, and Asia’s best driver in the eco-driving challenge.

“We see this as a useful and effective way of spotlighting issues that concern our company, the breadth and depth of our technical expertise and, not least, the exciting assignments carried out by many of our customers,” relates Kohle.

Volvo Trucks has a long tradition of communicating with customers and other players through editorial articles, both in print and online. Now the company is taking yet another step forward by focusing on tablet computers, starting with the iPad. The magazine is issued in English and targets a global reading public.

“As a knowledge company, it’s natural for us to lead the way and explore new communication channels. We want to capitalise on the opportunities offered by the iPad format, so we have included plenty of films and interactive material,” says Kohle.
Volvo Trucks Magazine can be downloaded free of charge from AppStore.

January 4, 2011

For further information, please contact:
Jenny Björsne, Corporate Communications, phone +46 31 664523, e-mail