Brisbane Flood Event Update

All Brisbane sites have fortunately avoided any serious impacts as a result of the flood, however the situation for many of Volvo’s employees is still unclear.

The Wacol Factory, the Penta site and the Brisbane North Dealership were the sites under greatest threat. The water is now receding and actions are being taken to enable commencement of normal operations as soon as possible.

However, the situation for many of Volvo’s employees is still unclear, but it is apparent that many have been impacted. Volvo Group Australia and plant management at the Wacol plant will today endeavour to evaluate impacts to staff through personal contacts, assess where staff may require particular assistance and review personal circumstances.

Volvo Truck Production Australia has about 470 employees and apart from Volvo Trucks and Mack Trucks there are employees at Volvo Financial Services, Volvo 3P, Volvo Logistics, Volvo Parts, Volvo IT and Volvo Group Australia.

Reporters who want more information, please contact Carl Gärdén, Volvo Group Media Relations, +46 733 898777 or Jenny Björsne, Corporate Communications, Volvo Trucks, +46 31 664523