Advanced driving simulator in Sweden

The Volvo Group has played a key role in bringing a new, advanced driving simulator to Gothenburg in Sweden. The Group is going to use this simulator to continue its work on developing the world’s safest trucks, buses and construction equipment.
“This simulator is extremely competitive in international terms,” says Urban Wass, the person responsible for product and traffic safety at the Volvo Group.
The Group uses driving simulators primarily to analyse how drivers react in different critical situations.
Perhaps the most important characteristic of this new and advanced simulator is that it produces an authentic, real-life feeling when braking and during large movements of the steering wheel. It also improves the opportunity to create and study situations in current and future traffic environments.
This simulator can be used in the development of braking and steering systems, for example, to enable both safer and more effective vehicle concepts. It can also be used to study the best way for vehicles to pass on information and warnings of different kinds to the driver. In the longer term, the simulator will be used to develop advanced vehicles that are able to communicate with other vehicles, road users and traffic environments.
“It would be difficult to find more advanced safety developments anywhere else in the world,” says Urban Wass.