Volvo Penta IPS slows down

Volvo Penta IPS, by far the most successful pod system for planing hulls, will now also be available for trawler yachts and other semi-planing boats. Volvo Penta has further developed six diesel models to handle boats with top speeds between 20 and 30 knots.
Trawler yachts and other semi-planing craft can now enjoy the benefits of Volvo Penta IPS, including the features for easy boating such as Joystick Docking and Dynamic Positioning System. The diesel models from IPS350 to IPS800 are available with propeller series specially designed for semi-planing hulls.

The exceptional onboard comfort that Volvo Penta IPS offers is a benefit for these boats, which are often used for longer voyages. Noise and vibrations are very low and the through-the-pod exhaust system means that all exhaust fumes are carried well behind the boat. This is particularly beneficial since the often high superstructures on trawler yachts, in combination with moderate cruising speed, can lead to a station-wagon effect.

The compact aft installation opens up completely new design opportunities with more space for accommodations compared to inboard shafts.  Another important benefit for the boat builder is that installation is easy, since it is a complete system, from helm to props.

The range:
Model                 Power, hp           Engine
IPS350               260                     D4
IPS400               300                     D4
IPS450               330                     D6
IPS500               370                     D6
IPS600               435                     D6
IPS800               600                     D11

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