Volvo Penta news summary

There is a new addition in Volvo Penta’s range of electronic controls: side-mounted control for single inboard installations. The control is symmetrical in design, so that it can be installed on starboard or port side. Operation is smooth and precise with comfortable grip.
4" color information center
Volvo Penta’s new 4" color display is a true information center for the boat. The display can show engine data from one or two engines, trip computer information and information from different sensors, e.g. rudder angle, water temperature and freshwater tank. Intuitive navigation and the My View function make it much simpler to enter one’s own configuration.

The new display has high resolution and good visibility, day or night. The 4" display is designed to fit diesel and gasoline engines with Volvo Penta’s electronic platform EVC, a very reliable system with ability to be updated with additional functions.

The new display is available for top or flush mounting. The square shape, compact 4" size and plug-in installation makes it easy to fit.

Increased performance with new Duoprop propellers
Volvo Penta launches new aluminum Duoprop propellers for the DPS and OceanX drives. The new IH- and I-series propellers have a new and patented design featuring larger blades with increased blade area ratio – providing better “grip” delivering faster acceleration and reduced cavitation risk. The new design is possible thanks to a high-strength aluminum alloy that is squeeze casted, giving a dense structure with high finish.

The IH-series has helical splines, introduced on the DPS and OceanX drives model year 2012.  The
I-series has straight splines and fits DPS, OceanX and XDP drives up to model year 2011. Maximum engine power is 220 hp for diesel and 225 for gasoline engines. Propellers are available in sizes for speeds up to 38 knots.

Increased fuel safety
Water-in-fuel is a common and potentially hazardous problem for boaters. Volvo Penta launches a new water-in-fuel-indicator that alerts the driver at the helm station in the EVC-display. The new sensor detects water in the pre fuel filter before it reaches the engine, making it possible to avoid any problem. The water-in-fuel sensor is available for D3, D4 and D6 engines from model year 2012.

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