First firm engine orders for snow removal machine

Now when summer is approaching Volvo Penta has received the first firm order for TAD1362VE Stage 3b engines from the company Schmidt Winterdienst- und Kommunaltechnik GmbH. The Volvo Penta engines will power the TJS 560 (Towed Jet Sweeper), the conventional version of the Green TJS 560 C (shown on picture below). This is the world’s first CO2 neutral snow removal machine.
This application has earlier been presented as a prototype in an issue of the Volvo Global Magazine.
According to Miron Thoms, Sales Project Manager, Region Europe, “with the TJS 560 nothing changes for airport operators or ground handlers . They will have a the Schmidt TJS 560 C with Volvo engines, which will remove a swathe of snow 4.75 meters wide, and it will do this in a highly efficient manner. It is equipped with an airport snow plough MS 72.1 which produces snow and ice-free surfaces. The hydraulically powered sweeping unit is located under the supporting frame and can be locked lengthwise for transport. The blower unit generates a lateral air flow of up to 145 meters per second over the complete width which blows away the snow across the runway”. “Easy installation and low operational costs were the main reasons to choose Volvo Penta for the latest generation of the TJS 560” ends Miron.