Volvo introduces cleaner and more productive

The North American introduction of Tier 4 Interim-certified EC340D, EC380D and EC480D tracked excavators sees Volvo enter a new era of low emissions and high productivity.

Part of the new generation D-Series of excavators, Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) is offering North American customers three heavyweight production machines, ranging in weight classes between 75,000-111,800 lb. Meeting the strict requirements of new EPA emissions legislation, the powerful and reliable EC340D, EC380D and EC480D excel in heavy digging and lifting duties, offering superior cycle times and greater fuel efficiency.
The D-Series offers more powerful Tier 4i-certified D13 Volvo engines, delivering lower emissions and exemplary fuel efficiency. These engines work in harmony with intelligent, advanced hydraulics and feature a more rugged undercarriage. But that is only half the story…

Cleaner, leaner, stronger, faster
Built for heavy production duties such as trenching, loading, moving rocks or general construction, the EC340D, EC380D and EC480D deliver dependable power with high torque, along with lower emissions, fuel consumption and noise.

Engine. At the heart of these machines is a turbocharged high pressure direct injection Volvo diesel engine that offers maximum power of 279 hp (208 kW) (EC340D/EC380D), and 343 hp (256 kW) (EC480D) respectively. All three machines feature an automatic idling system that reduces engine speed when the levers and pedals are not activated – aiding fuel efficiency and lowering external noise.

Hydraulics. When only a single function is being used, the two pump hydraulics system combines the flow of both pumps for quick cycle times and greater productivity. It can also prioritize flow according to the work being done – e.g. to the boom for faster raising when loading or in deep excavations, or to the arm during leveling duties.

Undercarriage. ‘Heavy duty’ is the best way to sum up the EC380D and EC480D, with thick gauge metal plates, track guards and bolt-head protection offering durability in tough working conditions. The undercarriage is made from high strength tensile steel, the sprocket and top rollers are made from forged steel and deep hardened for long term durability. Bottom rollers feature extreme pressure (EP) oil, reducing the oil temperature and ensuring consistent viscosity, even under heavy loads. Improved performance over difficult or steep terrain is possible thanks to increased tractive force. The larger EC480D features mechanical variable width tracks, which extend the width by 6 inches (150 mm) and raise clearance by 8 inches (196 mm), aiding stability and protection.

Boom & arm. Heavy duty booms are standard on these machines, and high strength tensile steel arms provide durability in severe applications. Wear strips welded to the inside of the arm give added protection and the linkage yoke features a support bar for additional strength. The optional Boom Float function lowers the boom using gravity only, freeing up hydraulic flow for other duties.

Operation. The operator can select the work mode, settings and attachment requirements all from inside the cab. Four working modes (Idle, Fine, General and Heavy) allow operators to quickly select the best mode for the job at hand. This automatically tailors the performance and ensures the best fuel efficiency. Up to 18 different attachments can also be managed, tailoring hydraulic flow and (as an option) pressure according to the specific requirements of the tool being used.

Using the latest version of Volvo’s ROPS-protected Care Cab, operators sit in a roomy, low fatigue, air conditioned working environment, with clear visibility and controls that are easy to handle. A large, clear color monitor gives operators all the important machine information, while a service mode allows technicians to perform diagnostic checks. The monitor can also display the view from the rear facing camera.

Maintenance. The EC340D, EC380D and EC480D all feature easy maintenance. Accessed via wide opening compartment doors, grouped, ground level filters and service points. Simpler and safer access. Checks are done quicker, further improving uptime, while a reversible cooling fan is operated from the cab and helps prevent radiator clogging and overheating problems.

Support. These machines come fitted as standard with CareTrack, Volvo CE’s telematic system. Accessed remotely, CareTrack provides machine information such as fuel consumption and service reminders that allow improved planning and operation. A comprehensive range of service plans are also available from Volvo’s dedicated dealer network, ranging from routine wear inspections to full service agreements and Eco operator training.

D-Series model specifications








Volvo D13-T4i

Volvo D13-T4i

Volvo D13-T4i

Max. power
at 1,700 r/min, net

279 hp (208 kW)

279 hp (208 kW)

343 hp (256 kW)

Max. lifting capacity along undercarriage at 1.5m/6.0m

15,420 kg (33,180 Ib)

15,430 kg (33,400 lb)

18,080 kg (39,080 lb)

Max. digging reach

11.72 m (38.45 ft) (6.45 m boom / 3.9 m stick)

11.72 m (38.45 ft) (6.45 m boom / 3.9 m stick)

13.26 m (43.5 ft) (7 m boom / 4.8 m stick)

Max. digging depth

8.15 m (26.74 ft) (6.45 m boom / 3.9 m stick)

8.15 m (26.74 ft) (6.45 m boom / 3.9 m stick)

9.17 m (30.1 ft) (7 m boom / 4.8 m stick)

Max. Breakout force – bucket (Normal / Power boost)

243 / 265.4 kN

243 / 265.4 kN

285 / 310.6 kN

Operating weight

34.1 – 37 t (75,000 – 81,400 Ib)

38 – 39.4 t
83,780 – 86,860 lb)

47.9 – 50.7 t
(105,600- 111,800 lb)


March, 2010

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