Anna-Karin Sjögren receives Assar Gabrielsson Award for dissertation on how genetic changes in cells affect progression of cancer

On May 11, Doctor of Medicine Anna-Karin Sjögren was named the recipient of the Assar Gabrielsson Award for her dissertation at the University of Gothenburg, dealing with how genetic changes in cells impact the progression of cancer. The award is worth SEK 50,000 with the possibility of receiving a SEK 100,000 research grant during autumn 2011.
Anna-Karin Sjögren
Anna-Karin Sjögren works in the unit for Clinical Systems Biology at the Institute of Clinical Sciences at the Sahlgrenska Academy in Gothenburg. She received the prize for her dissertation: “The Importance of Isoprenylation and Nf1 Deficiency in K‐RAS‐induced Cancer”.

In her dissertation, Anna-Karin Sjögren studied how mutations (activation) of RAS proteins contribute to the formation of many forms of tumors, such as cancer of the large intestine, lungs, blood and pancreas. In her dissertation, Anna-Karin Sjögren showed two targets for drugs for the treatment of cancer where RAS proteins are activated. By inhibiting two enzymes, the development of lung cancer was reduced, while normal lung cells remained unaffected. Clinical studies have been initiated based, in part, on these findings.

In addition, Anna-Karin Sjögren demonstrated that mutations in two genes (RAS and NF1) can each result in the slow development of leukemia, but that if both genes have mutations, a more aggressive form of leukemia develops. Taken together, this dissertation contributes to a greater understanding of the development of many forms of cancer and possible targets for cancer treatment.
Assar Gabrielsson was one of founders of Volvo. In line with his wishes, a fund for clinical research into cancer illnesses was established.

May 11, 2011

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