New Volvo 685 kW engine for power generation with SCR technology

Volvo introduces a very powerful 16-litre diesel engine for power generation applications. The new TWD1663GE is rated at 685 kWm and features Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) to comply with the stringent US EPA and CARB Tier 4i emission limits.

“The TWD1663GE has been developed to be a prime and standby power product in the 550-625 kWe ranges,” comments Phil Gaynor, Head of Volvo Penta's Industrial engine Business in North America.  “This power node allows us to expand our top of the line 16L product range into the rapidly growing prime power market, where single, twin and triple generator systems are becoming very popular. This product has mainly been developed for power generation applications for OEM's on the North American market".

Proven SCR technology
The TWD1663GE utilizes Volvo’s successful SCR technology. This technology is successfully in use on Volvo engines for off road applications as well as for Volvo and Mack trucks. SCR requires no downtime for regeneration or decreased service intervals compared with current Volvo engine program. It does not increase the amount of cooling capacity needed, resulting in a system that is easy to install also in limited space.

Powerful package
The TWD1663GE is based on the proven TWD1643GE engine and has world class power density and load acceptance due to two-stage turbo charging.  The power output for standby power applications is up to 625kWe. This output is optimal for generator manufacturers choosing to link multiple generator sets together to offer 1.25 MW, 1.875 MW, and 2.5 MW power blocks to their customers.

“The Volvo Penta TWD1663GE is the most powerful engine in our GE-product range” says Hans Mathiasson, Product Management Department at Volvo Penta “It offers an impressive power density and impressive load acceptance with the two-stage turbo charger. Furthermore it provides excellent fuel efficiency. With the advantage of  SCR, we are able to retain all the efficiency without adding larger cooling packages or reducing kilowatt output levels.” 
 The TWD1663GE is only available for 1800 rpm/60 Hz operation.

Brief technical data
Engine designation: TWD1663GE
No. of cylinders and configuration: in-line 6
Method of operation: 4-stroke
Bore, mm (in.): 144 (5.67)
Stroke, mm (in.): 165 (6.50)
Displacement, l (in³): 16.12 (983.9)
Compression ratio: 16.5:1
Dry weight, engine only, kg (lb): 1700 (3748)

60 Hz/1800 rpm (with fan)
Prime power                   Standby                     Generator efficiency
kWm  kWe  kVa            kWm  kWe  kVa       (%)
595    559    699            654     615   768        94%

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