Heavy duty transporter powered by Volvo Penta

This is the first unit in a large series of self-propelled heavy duty vehicles delivered from the Italian company Industrie Cometto S.p.a. This model, SYT8, is powered by a Volvo Penta TAD1364VE (375 kW at 1900 rpm) industrial engine with SCR. This impressive vehicle has a loading capacity of 425 tons and weighs 87 tons.
The Volvo Penta engine powers hydraulic pumps which in turn powers 4 sets of wheel kits. The vehicle has 8 axles with in total 64 wheels. Each set of wheels can be turned individually around their own axle, rotate or go sideways. The speed is 10 – 12 km/h with 425 ton pay load.

The Cometto company, established in 1954, is specialized in manufacturing lifting platforms from 100 to over 1000 tons, for the displacement of large ship sections inside shipyards. Characteristics of this series are the electronic steering allowing any type of movement and the synchronization between separated vehicles, operated by a remote control unit. They have also been involved in the space shuttle program and in the French Ariane 5 rocket launch equipment. The company production is estimated to about 30 – 35 units/year.


The Volvo Penta TAD1364VE engine and the SCR unit are installed in a low position under the vehicle’s lifting platform.


The vehicle during test driving with heavy load.