Göteborg Landvetter Airport testing Renault Maxity Electric

The brand new electric-powered Renault Maxity Electric lorry is being tested at Göteborg Landvetter Airport in partnership with Renault Trucks for three weeks. With zero emissions of carbon dioxide and a very low noise level, the vehicle is an effective tool in the airport’s environmental work.

The testing at Göteborg Landvetter Airport, which is the first in the Nordic market, will last for three weeks. During that time, different organisations at the airport will have a chance to test how a completely electric light commercial vehicle (LCV) works in their operations and whether the Renault Maxity Electric could be an option for them to use in the future once the vehicle is available on the Swedish market.

Renault Maxity Electric is a compact LCV that is easy to manoeuvre and powered solely by electricity. It was developed mainly to cover short distances in cities and similar settings. The vehicle has a loading capacity of two tonnes and, with its zero emissions of carbon dioxide and low noise level, is a good alternative not just for the environment but for the operator as well.

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Göteborg Landvetter Airport