Volvo Penta Industrial aims higher.

With its world-leading position as supplier of engines and power systems for industrial applications, Volvo Penta Industrial has an even stronger position in sight. And it’s all about focus.

A leading company
For decades, Volvo Penta Industrial has manufactured engines and complete power systems for industrial applications. Today, the company is one of the world’s leading companies in its field. As a part of the Volvo Group, one of the world’s largest diesel engine manufacturers, Volvo Penta has extensive resources for production and continuous development of diesel power systems.
One of the well-known secrets behind this is the total commitment to the core values of the Volvo Group – quality, safety and environmental care. But, there are more to it than that. The development of cutting-edge innovations, global customer support and devoted a Volvo Penta staff are other major reasons for the success of the company.

Focus on performance and customer demands …
Product development at Volvo Penta has always focused on supplying the company’s customers – original equipment manufacturers all over the world – with the best possible solutions for engines and complete power systems. But, according to David Hanngren, Manager Product Planning, Volvo Penta Industrial, there is always room for improvement:
“We have done extremely well over the years, but we live in a constantly evolving industry. It’s also very competitive and price-sensitive, so we need to be extremely open to our customers’ needs. Our customers are demanding, and they should be. We are a premium engine supplier and we intend to stay that.”

… and on end-user benefits
But, perhaps most of all, Volvo Penta will focus on the things that actually matter most, the absolutely vital end-user benefits: uptime and cost of ownership. Any engine-driven vehicle, machine or application that is out of operation is not an asset, only a cost. It’s an unnecessary cost and it can be avoided – if you consider the factors that really make an engine work. And work. And work.
“We have always been well aware of the critical importance of factors like uptime and cost of ownership, but maybe we haven’t always communicated it apparently enough. We have high-performing, quality products and also an impressive global service and dealer network to support the end users. It’s time that we are more explicit about it and tell our customers what we actually deliver”, David Hanngren points out.

Focus on the environmental issues …
With environmental care as one of the Volvo Group’s core values, the environmental focus comes natural to Volvo Penta Industrial. Over the years, the company has been well ahead when it comes to meeting new and tougher emission regulations. Once more, this is emphasized at the Intermat Exhibition in Paris, in April, 2012. Here, Volvo Penta will introduce its new engine range ready to meet the very stringent Tier 4 Final/Stage 4 emission standards in 2014.

… and on selected segments
Over the years, Volvo Penta Industrial has served a large number of industries with engines and power systems – and will continue to do so. Yet, in a primary stage, the aim is to increase focus on the Power generation segment and the off-road segments Material handling, Construction and Raw material handling.
“Due to our long experience and an ongoing dialogue with our customers, we have a particularly attractive offer to companies in these segments. We see great potential here”, David Hanngren concludes.

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