Volvo bright idea scoops gold innovation award

Volvo Construction Equipment’s On Board Weighing system has been recognised in the Intermat 2012 Innovation Awards.
From 80 entries from leading manufacturers, a high level jury of industry experts has judged Volvo Construction Equipment’s (Volvo CE) On Board Weighing System for its F-Series haulers a gold winner in this year’s Intermat 2012 Innovation Awards.

The aim of the Intermat 2012 Innovation Awards is to reward the most innovative Equipment and techniques in the industry. The jury, under the chairmanship of the president of the French National Federation of Public Works, announced its decision in Paris on 13th January to an audience of international journalists.

Volvo’s revolutionary On Board Weighing (OBW) system is available for its Full Suspension haulers and gives an unprecedented insight into machine productivity. The system monitors the input of weight on the machine from pressure sensors and relays this information to load software integrated into the machine’s electronics.

Fully automatic, OBW logs all transported loads and the ensuing data is then displayed on the operator’s display. The information can also be accessed remotely, thanks to Volvo’s advanced CareTrack telematics system. This allows complete payload management – giving access to data such as total transported load in tonnes; tonnes transported per litre of fuel and number of cycles.

Volvo bright idea scoops innovation award